I often wondered why I feel the way I feel riding my motorcycle, feeling joy, confidence, its almost like my mind is free from the everyday challenges. For a brief moment I get re-energized. If the mind is over matter then my Chi is full, and my mind and body become one again. Chi is our life force and we all get it in different ways, a business deal, a run through the park. Anything to inspire you to move forward and drive you towards excellence builds your Chi. Creating a sound mind and body is your Chi. 

OK, so I guess your asking yourself "what the heck does this have to do with motorcycles or T'shirts"?

Motorcycles brings out the best version of me opening my mind, reducing frustrations from work, reducing anxiety over tough problems, and a slew of other benefits that other Bikers understand, and the more you understand about your Chi the happier you will be.

T-shirts,  that is just me having fun and sharing what I love. Motorcycle themed attire that inspire. The "EddieChi" brand is my hope to inspire like minded motorcycle enthusiast to understand the life force that makes us love the ride. stay tuned if for nothing else to read on and be inspired to find a better you.